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 is a cGMP, ISO series, Kosher and Halal certified company, dedicated to the identification, development and manufacturing of botanical extracts and its derivatives. With strong R&D capabilities and advanced production technology, Jiaherb continues to make innovations with herbal extracts that service the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries.

JIAHERB now have several factories, ,more than 1000 employee, Hundred series of products ,2 idenpendent labs, more than 50  authorized patents.

1. We have established a special planting-supply system all over the world; ensuring the highest quality genuine medicinal materials. In respect to the continuity and diversity of herbs, Jiaherb has built our own GAP herb planting base to supply high quality raw materials which guarantees consistent quality.

2. We are stronger in R&D. We develop the most effective and specificity botanical ingredients for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries, and combine the characteristics of each herb with our own scientific research to develop the optimal formulation efficiently.

3. We have established advanced quality control systems in our independent lab (ISO17025). We have accurate data that comes from qualified experts and advanced testing instruments which enable us to comprise quick and precise testing capabilities to ensure the greatest product quality with the highest potency.

4. We operate a new state of art facility in strict compliance with the cGMP requirements in addition to using advanced optimized production technology. We provide customized product service to produce exclusive products according to requirements from our partners.

At JIAHERB we are dynamic in developing innovative products under the premise of the continuity and diversity of herbs. We believe that the natural specialty ingredients and innovative technology are the best basis for us to serve our client’s needs. We are capable and proud to provide the greatest product solution to add value to the products.